Sleep Coaching

Helping people, companies and athletes sleep better

One of the most commonly used sleep advices is to calm down before going to bed. It sounds easy but in todays 24/7 online society many people find it hard to helt plötsligt slappna av och inte göra nåt när det är sovdags. And this is Sömnskolnas speciality, helping people to relax and calm down using easy pre-sleep-training that will help you fall asleep faster and increase your sleep quality.

Sport Sleep Training

In sports sleep-training is useful ie:

  • After late-night training or game
  • Långa hemresor efter bortamatcher
  • Tufft spel/träningsschema
  • Inför viktiga matcher
  • Insomnia


Why is getting good quality sleep important in sports?

  • Physical and mental recovery
  • Increased immune system
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Inlärning


Sleep training since 2013

  • Increasing recovery through better sleep quality
  • A few minutes training before bedtime is usually enough