Do you need a personal sleep coach?

Usually a few minutes traning before bedtime is enough to enhance the sleep quality.


For people suffering from insomnia

Get your personal training programme to improve your sleep.

For professional athletes

Enhance your recovery through better sleep quality. The sleep quality is as important as the number of ours you sleep.

For highperformers

Improving sleep and monitoring health have become popular topics in Silicon Valley…Both Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, and media mogul Arianna Huffington have spoken about the need for quality sleep and its effects on productivity.” NBC News

15-year old Camilla

She is top-20 in her sport in Finland. Young, curious and openminded she immidiately got intrested when I asked her if she’s intrested in a few weeks sleep training with me. Once a week I sent her an excersise to her WhatsApp-number. After two weeks training she sent me this message:

I’ve slept well every night since I started with the sleep training. Also during last weekends though competitions I have recovered better than usual during the night.

Sleep is a SuperPower

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