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Usually a few minutes traning before bedtime is enough to enhance the sleep quality.

Johnny Granholm, Founder Sömnskolan

For professional athletes

Sleep better, not more! Improve your performance by enhancing your recovery through better sleep quality. The sleep quality is as important as the number of you sleep.

Up to 95% of the recovery takes place while we sleep, most of it during the deep sleep phase. Deep sleep also boosts the immune system and boosts recovery from injuries

It only took me ten days to improve my sleep quality. I could clearly see that the amount of deep sleep had increased”.

Emma Pullola, 2019 indoor Finnish champion triple jump

15-year old Camilla

She is top-20 in her sport in Finland. Young, curious and openminded she immidiately got intrested when I asked her if she’s intrested in a few weeks sleep training with me. Once a week I sent her an excersise to her WhatsApp-number. After two weeks training she sent me this message:

I’ve slept well every night since I started with the sleep training. Also during last weekends though competitions I have recovered better than usual during the night.

It’s easy!

The Sleep program consists of easy, effective and relaxing excersises that you do just before going to bed.  A few minutes training is usually all that is needed.

Do you want to become an expert or just see what this is? You decide!

Sleep Is A SuperPower!

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